Yesterday the year fives and year fours went to do the Mission to mars. First we went into a computer room and we had to pair up with my partner. My partner was Olib and we did the robot work. We had to fill in a sheet of paper about robots.
There was an alarm that shut down the system. We had to go to the mission to mars home page and 56M were taking 56K. We told 56K to get out of the lab as quick as possible. They got out of the lab in 10 minutes.
After we went to watch a short space move to mars the move was animated after the move we went to the lab that 56K was in and 56K went in the computer room.
When we went into the lab the two Vssec girls told us some of the things we could do in the lab. I picked the dirty water mission what we had is get dirty water and make it fresh then I put a black and weight sheet of paper and then put the cup on top of the paper.
Then I had to pour the dirty water into the cup until you can’t see the black and weight on the paper. Then I made a tube out of paper then I put the tube in a cup then put the dirty water in it then I had to wait until it was clear. Suddenly we had to evacuate we got out of the room as soon as possible then it was the year fours tear to do the mission to mars.
After the mission to mars was over the year fives had to do something different. We had to do a static test, my partner was Olib. We got a pole and wool and rubbed it together then we had to roll it on black peace of wool. On the wool there was rice, paper. Olib rolled the pole and the paper got stuck on the pole. After that test we had to make a robot, my partner was Mard. We used a motor a battery, a light, a DVD disc and for the legs we used paper clips after making the robot we then had to go.

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