In sport we have been playing Netball every week my team name is turbo. I have learnt that you can’t dribble the ball and you have to stay on the spot if you get the ball.

We also have played football we did high jump and did Basketball tenements agents other grads I didn’t want to play so I was watching.

What if you were there

One normal day and every bank Accountant was working normal suddenly we heard Ned and his gang. They smashed into the bank and took down every accountant and took all the money the bank had. All the police came as soon as tha can and told the accountant what happened they all said Ned and the Kelly brothers robed our bank. The bank manager told the police how he robbed the bank they all said don’t kill us takes the money and go. All the police tried to track Ned and the Kelly gang but there was no sign of them they searched for days and days but they did not find them.

Ned kelly wanted


This week the weather is very cold this coldness will continue for a long time. Everyone has to wear thick jackets, It has also been raining the weather is 14 degrees or less you can see the clouds getting darker and you can tell that it’s going to rain. I am very cold I wish there was heaters everywhere outside it’s so cold I can’t feel my hands.