harmony day

Today Olibs and I were making origami’s I was
making a 14 sided ninja star for jarho Olib was making the Eifel tower. He filed
it so he had to start all over. I didn’t file it was so fun I wish we did the
same things next year

Ride to school day 19/3/14 March



Yesterday  was ride to school day. Kid came on a scooter or bike or rollerblades. I came by a car my mum didn’t let me com on my bike. She thinks I’m not ready I’m ready she doesn’t know. At lunch time we did this riding thing you had to ride in a circle  that’s all we did for ride to school day

Sport Report

Today the boy’s played Softball it was a very tough. Game the scores were 12 to 11 in our favour. Some of the highlights were Concs caching and Olibs backstop, Hams hitting Behs pitching and bating and Alebs first base we all had so much fun.